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Phoenix Rehab Bali is an Affordable drug and alcohol rehab located in Bali - Indonesia, we offer the services of, Private Recovery Coaching and a separate Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab, for those seeking a custom recovery program. Our professional Bali Rehab Centre team includes experienced and qualified clinical staff from United Kingdom and Indonesia who are qualified and highly experienced in working with helping individual who have drug and alcohol problems, get sober, rebuild their lives, and reconnect back to a normal way of life.


We pride ourselves on providing quality, professional care, qualified experienced staff and an all-round family included program that will support your journey from beginning to end. We use an evidence-based based practice, Created and implemented by Specialists in this area. You will receive individualized care specifically designed for you (tailored-made recovery program) We want to help you connect and identify with your strengths, tackle your problem areas and fully guide you through your recovery journey. 


Our Rehab Bali Experts and Treatment professionals will walk you through every step of the process from arranging your visa, to airport pick up, through to your complete daily program, through to your aftercare and follow up service, which will occur once you have completed your treatment.


Problems with substance use disorder are frequently partnered with underlying mental health issues (comorbid diagnosis) for this reason we work closely with Bali’s most experienced medical professionals on their field, ensuring the safest methods and supervision are undertaken whilst detoxing from their particular substance.

Phoenix Rehab Bali is also able offer a Clinical Therapeutic support and assessments for the treatment of psychological trauma, as well as any other mental health disorders, including depression and anxiety.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab | Bali Rehab Center | Phoenix Rehab Bali

Phoenix Rehab Bali Will Change Your Life

We understand that there remains a stigma surrounding people who have drug and alcohol abuse, if you want to retake the reigns without fear of judgement, we are here for you. We understand that people can be affected by addiction issues, for a whole host of reasons. We aim to help Clients identify and address the underlying causes, whatever they may be.

Both your mental and physical health are our top priorities at Phoenix Rehab Bali programmes. After undergoing treatment, which includes intensive individual counselling, group therapy, mindfulness practice, psychotherapy and exercise, you will leave here feeling like a new person, ready to take on new challenges, meet new people and say goodbye to harmful habits for good.

At Phoenix Rehab Bali We Cover Relapse Prevention.

One of the most challenging aspects of recovery, or staying sober is avoiding relapse, for many people just one drink or using after abstaining for few month is enough to start a fatal circle of addiction/alcoholism all over again. For those reason, we focus just as much on preventing relapse on your recovery journey. That is why our team of clinical professionals included support workers, counsellors, recovery coaches, clinical psychologists and clinical psychiatrist will address and do many workshops, around Relapse Prevention.

We will teach you about warning signs, what your personal triggers are, things you can do if you start craving and much much more, Knowledge is Power, and armed with the facts, you are lesss likely to be blindsided, into picking up that “first one”.

All our treatment services program are tailored to the individual. We take the time to understand our clients, their problems and their goals in recovery. When you are free from active addiction, you can focus how to improve your quality of life with a minimised risk of relapse.

If you want to find out about our villas property, treatment cost, programmes options or anything else about us, we encourage you to get in touch with us, All our staff are trained in Confidentiality and we hole this as one of our highest principals.

We look forward to welcoming you to our drug and alcohol rehab centre, where you will be treated with the respect you deserve. If you want freedom from active using drug and alcohol the we look forward to meeting you at Phoenix Rehab Bali

Call us today to find out more and see if we are the right choice for you.


During this Covid 19 time, we wish to ensure you, that your health is our Number 1 priority.

All staff are fully vaccinated and educated in Covid 19 health protocol.

Masks are worn and sanitary and safe conditions adhered to throughout.

We operate a full, open for business Schedule


Answer the following questions for a self-evaluation of whether you or a loved one may need drug addiction rehabilitation treatment.


  • Do you feel that you need a drug (or alcohol) in order to function?

  • Is it hard for you to control your drug use?

  • Is it difficult for you to stay clean for several days at a time?

  • Do you use more than one drug at a time?

  • Have you ever lied about your use of drugs?

  • Do you ever use a drug by yourself?

  • Has your drug use made you isolate yourself from your friends and relatives?

  • Do you hide your drug use from your friends or relatives?

  • Do you use drugs to cope with your feelings or to avoid dealing with the problems in your life?

  • Does your drug use ever cause you to feel guilty, worried, trapped, lonely, sad, depressed, or hopeless about the future?

  • Does your drug use ever make you confused, incoherent, disorganised, disoriented, or cause you some memory loss?

  • Has your drug use caused you problems with motivation or concentration?

  • Does your drug use ever cause you to have difficulty paying attention at work, school, while doing your hobbies, or at home?

  • Does your drug use cause you physical, emotional, psychological, family, social, financial, or legal problems?

  • Have your loved ones ever complained that your drug use is damaging your relationship with them or do they criticise you for your drug use?

  • Do you ever get aggressive when you use a drug?

  • Does your drug use ever cause you to think about self-mutilation or ending your life?

  • Have you ever ended up in the hospital after using drugs?

  • Has anyone ever suggested to you that you go for a consultation to get help for your drug use?

  • Has your doctor ever told you to stop taking your prescribed medication because it could be harmful to you given your use of drugs?


If you answered yes to 3 or more  of these questions, we encourage you to contact us to discuss whether you or your loved one may need drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation.

Phoenix Rehab Bali and it's associated have  helped 100's of people overcome their substance abuse problems, and seek freedom from addiction. We can help you.


Drug and Alcohol Rehab | Bali Rehab Center | Phoenix Rehab Bali
  • Fully supervised and clinically prescribed Detoxification

  • Tools to live a life without Drugs or Alcohol.


  • How to cope with Stressful situations.


  • How to rebuild Relationships.


  • Exact methods on how to stay stopped.



  • Counselling on Current or past Traumas or Issues.


  • A brand new sober support system, both here and in your home Country .


  • Support for your family via Therapy or links to Relevant Support Groups.


  • All your health needs being addressed and formulated into a plan designed to nurture and restore back to Good health.


  • A solid plan for the future.

We Take Care of  Your Recovery Process

Our philosophy also includes meeting an individual and family where they are in their journey, this promoting ownership and involvement in the recovery process. We believe in developing programs tailored to each individual based on their particular needs and beliefs.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab | Bali Rehab Center | Phoenix Rehab Bali

Private Recovery Coach

Individual client centered tailored program designed for those individuals not wanting or indeed able to under go treatment within a residential rehabilitation center. MORE INFO

Drug and Alcohol Rehab | Bali Rehab Center | Phoenix Rehab Bali

Private Recovery Treatment

We understand that every individual has a unique story and situation. That’s why our all-inclusive addiction treatment is fully customised to meet your specific needs. MORE INFO 

Drug and Alcohol Rehab | Bali Rehab Center | Phoenix Rehab Bali

Family Education & After Care

Our Family Education and Aftercare Program raises the standards of education and experience for those families impacted by a loved one’s addiction. MORE INFO

Meet the team who will guide you every step of the way.
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